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These courses have been designed to accomplish one simple goal:

Empower you to use and understand how to be Amazing.  As a doctor from Harvard and MIT I strongly adhere to science backed solutions for optimal health, emotional well being and a fit and powerful body.  Jump in, learn and become the best version of you.

Stacy F.

"I could not be more impressed with the quality and information in these courses.  I started with the SurgePlan, thinking this would be helpful for my clients, as Im a personal trainer, but I ended up loving and buying every single course.....they are amazing.  Truly.  OMG he teaches in a way that is fun, enjoyable and soooo much information.  All I can say is thank you....Stacy."


One of the great things in this modern era is the Amazing power of information at our fingertips...the real power of all of this information is frankly organization...that is what these books offer.  Amazing content in a simply powerful format.  Research backed and Doctor approved, you can place full confidence in all of the content they offer.

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Josef G.

" I have always loved to learn...but i have never found information that I feel like I can remember and use in many parts of my life...these different ebooks have been some of the best investments in myself and for my family that I have made in a long time....Amazing, thank you.


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One of the modern topics for natural healthcare is the use of essential oil chemistry.  However, very little has been studied into the appropriate use and protocols for effective solution based outcomes.  These courses are designed to empower, to educate and powerfully heal.  All the information is based on current medical research and soundly presented in practical ways.

Tyson K.

" Im a huge fan of natural options to help my family be healthy...and essential oils seem to be a gift from nature...I cannot tell you how much this course has helped me.  Fantastic information...

Peace. T."

" I have always wanted to take care of my family using natural options, but I was a bit scared if Im honest.  The program I used with Dr. Dave was amazing...in less than 30 days I felt empowered and amazed at the change in my health and my families health.

Thank you so much "

Namdi K.

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Complete 30 day weight loss, metabolism and energy program.  Designed around medical principles and the most current research to gurantee success and Amazing results. 

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Natural Solutions for Healthcare

In todays day and age, we all want more natural and safe options for our healthcare.  This program covers the use of several natural options, including essential oils, and alternative medical options.

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FREE eBook

I am so grateful you are here and looking for health options, please get your free gift from me today. 

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Essential Oils at Home

A powerful tool for personal health is the use of essential oils, this course covers how to use them, when to use them, and provides the research and science behind it all. 

" I have never felt like I am in control of my body...I have always struggled to feel amazing.  After joining the SurgePlan I have lost nearly 20 pounds in a month, I'm happier and full of energy... and Im truly in Love with me...Amazing program.

Thank you so much,

Cindy D.