• David Steuer

How to BANISH Cravings! (No supplements or sugar strikes required)

By Dr. Dave Steuer

You know why most diets fail?

Unrealistic expectations.

Most diets focus on making extreme changes to get extreme results, which leads to extreme burnout. That is not a healthy way to live.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… The key to creating a healthy lifestyle that you actually enjoy is MODERATION.

Here are three tips to help you curb the cravings and still enjoy all the amazing life experiences that involve food.

1) Fill up on the good stuff

Hunger is the enemy of all health goals. The key to making choices you will be proud of is to not let yourself get hungry when you know you’re going to be facing temptations. That’s just asking for trouble.

If you are going to a party, prepare beforehand. Eat a healthy meal or snack before you get there so that you can easily resist the unhealthy appetizers or treats.

Once you get to the party or dinner, start off by eating the good stuff. Load up your plate with the salad or the veggies or the meat. Start with that, get mostly full, and then fill up with a few bites of the guilty pleasure that are no longer guilty.

2) Follow the Last Bite Rule

When you eat brownies, you taste them while they’re in your mouth, but once you swallow the last bite, it’s just a memory. Whether you eat one bite or an entire pan, it’s still just a memory. So here’s the trick... make your first bite your last bite.

One bite of a treat will not affect your weight or your goals. If the cookie is going to be just a memory anyway, you might as well make it a good memory by taking one bite and remembering how amazing your willpower was! And if you can remember how good it tasted, you won’t feel deprived, so you won’t cave and eat more than you should.

3) Make it hard on yourself

As humans, we love the path of least resistance. So make the healthy path the easy path! Don’t sit in front of a plate of cookies. Don’t plop down in front of the TV with a bowl of chips. You think you’ll stop after the first cookie or the first handful, but you won’t.

Instead, take how much you actually want to eat according to your goals and then put the rest away. And I mean put it away. Don’t just put the Saran wrap back over it. That’s too easy.

Make it so hard on yourself to take another serving that you have enough time to rethink your decision. Put the saran wrap back, put it in the pantry, and go downstairs. Or if you’re at a party, serve yourself a small plate and then pass the bowl or walk away from the table.

If you make it hard on yourself to break your goals, chances are... You won’t.

Happy eating,

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