• David Steuer

*Essential* Oils for Summer

By Dr. Dave Steuer

Summer’s not over yet! We have some fun summer plans coming up, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorite oils that can help make summer that much better!

1) TerraShield… Because bugs. I love that TerraShield is a natural alternative to traditional bug spray, and I especially love that it works!

2) Tangerine… All the citrus oils are so summery! Plus, adding tangerine to my water makes it so refreshing and makes me drink more, which is so important when you’re playing in the sun all day.

3) Peppermint… When it’s hot outside, the cooling sensation of peppermint can be such a relief! I love rolling it on the bottoms of my feet and letting the breeze cool me down.

Happy summer!

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