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  • David Steuer

An Easy Healthy Eating Hack to Increase Your Self-control

By Dr. Dave Steuer

Raise your hand if you’ve ever caved to a cookie and regretted it while the cookie was still in your mouth…

I think we can all relate.

When you’re having trouble resisting a craving, it’s usually because your tongue or your stomach is doing the thinking. Sometimes we don’t even realize we’re reaching for the chips until it’s too late.

That’s why it’s important to eat mindfully.

When you feel a craving, take a step back and think. Here are a few tips that can help you stay on track and eat the way you want to eat.

  • Remember your goals and why you’re trying to resist: “I want to look good in that new dress.” “I don’t want to eat this muffin because I’m going to the Robinson’s party tonight and I’d rather eat her famous cream puffs.”

  • Remember how eating unhealthy food makes you feel emotionally: “If I eat this cream puff, I’ll be happy for about 30 seconds and then I’ll feel disappointed that I broke my goals again.” “

  • Remember how eating unhealthy food makes you feel physically: “The last time I ate a sugar cookie, it gave me a headache for the next hour.” “Every time I eat greasy food, I feel sick all night.”

Here’s to the power of your mind!

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