We all want to be loved, and we deeply want to be desired. The ability to live an abundant life of deep connection along with health and wellness is something we all have within us, and we are passionate about helping you become empowered with the simple tools for personal intimacy YOU CAN USE today!

Purchase the kit below that meets your needs, and take back your life by increasing your passion, joy and peace naturally.

We are thrilled to share with you the joys of this life and be on this wellness journey with you!
- Dr. Dave and Callie

In the FREE eBook you'll receive with your kit, we’ll talk about the most remarkable essential oils with aphrodisiac qualities for love, intimacy and sex drive or libido. Essential oils are more than just aromas, they are distilled concentrated forms of natures best chemistry- quite literally. It is the chemical compounds found in these simple bottles which lead to profound results.

Scent, along with touch, play a big role in human intimacy, well in all mammals actually. Scent is powerful, but remember it is not the scent that is critical, it is the chemistry that is producing that scent, binding in the olfactory (nose) and producing a response- the desire for something more !

As a Harvard Trained Doctor, let me assure you these work, and work phenomenally well. 

The Surge Plan

Couple's Complete Intimacy Kit

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang is profoundly relaxing, which means it affects our nervous system: slows heart rate, calms anxiety and promotes warm emotions. It is a necessity when it comes to intimacy.


Cedarwood has a warming and soothing action on the mind and body. You will literally watch stress, and tension melt away in your partner.