Finally... A Step-By-Step Plan- (designed by a Harvard Doctor) to lose weight, increase metabolism and truly surge your energy and happiness.

And as a critical tool, you will also learn how to get rid of the effects of stress...

Are you ready to support your amazing body, and SURGE with the most powerful breakthrough system I’ve ever created? This plan gets results in 30 days, but I work with you for the whole year...NO EXTRA CHARGES..weekly calls, personal questions addressed, get the picture :)) Enroll and join the most medically designed program I know of, seriously.

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Transform your body in just 30 days with

"5 minute SURGE "

The best value we have ever offered. Get everything with the "Surge Plan" Deluxe kit. PLUS 5 additional ebooks, designed to literally guide you each day for 30 days.


  • complete protocol for supplements

  • 5 ebooks, digital program, 30 day guide- step by step instructions

  • access to all fitness ebooks, daily fitness tips and
    5 minute SHRED system

  • personal consultation with Dr. Steuer (limited time)*

"I don’t give advice as a Doctor. I give advice from a place of experience, truth and kindness."

*Free 15 min. Consultations offered with doTERRA account setup. 


-if you don't like being told what to do...well, consider it a very strong suggestion, sound good?-

(videos, e-books, foods that surge you, foods that hurt you, meal plans, fitness tips, team SURGE- real life is awesome, and worth every single penny, and every second of your time).


-The Complete Surge Plan System-


Detailed Step-By-Step Guides:

  • The "5Minute Surge Plan" Solution eBook

  • The Complete "30 Day Optimal Surging Foods" eBook

  • Over "100 optimal- Surging- Recipes" eCookbook

  • Surge Plan... "30-Day Meal Plan"

  • The Surge Plan... Daily Journal

  • The Surge Plan... Stress Guide

  • Optimal fitness.."5 Minute SHRED" Workout Guide, video series, and tips

  • The Surge Plan... "Achieving Optimal and Amazing Sleep" eBook

Complete Training Course

  • 30 day step by step Tutorials 

  • Video Tutorials on the Top Herbs, Supplements and Essential Oils for Complete emotional, metabolic and energy SURGING 

Special Launch Bonus

  • Personal Consultation (15 min) with Dr. Steuer, founder of Surge Plan
    *(with doTERRA account setup)

  • 3 Expert Interviews

  • The "5Minute Shred" Full Body Program 

  • The Breakthrough "5Minute Metabolic Surge" system 

100% Satisfaction 30-Day Guarantee

Regular Price: $997

(Save $500 OFF our Regular Price - WHY? Well because its ..our gift to you, so smile and GO FOR IT!!)

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You'll Gain Access to the Entire Program.

Next, You'll need the recommended products to support you through the program. (However, and this is important, you DO NOT need to have or purchase all the supplements in order to start in the program, the knowledge and education is frankly the most critical don't stress if money is tight, or you don't have everything you need to start)

We've partnered with doTERRA who provide's the highest quality natural products using essential oils. We recommend setting up a Wholesale Account so you can instantly save 25% off retail prices. Plus you'll have the option to participate in a generous Loyalty Rewards Program to save an additional 10-30% back in product points. 

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