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After years of research and personal use, I have found a remarkable benefit with the use of Essential Oil and natural products within my home. I have been asked to speak on the use of Essential oils and neurochemistry, natural health and nutrition all over the world- literally all over the world. It has been a wonderful experience and through it I have learned and incorporated teachings and modalities from all corners of the world. One thing I am often asked, nearly overwhelmingly is "How can I use essential oils, or other natural products in my own life?", or the most common question I get around the world is..."How do I use essential oils...I need a protocol?"  Well this course is all about personal use protocols, based on years of global research and thousands of years of historical use.

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Well, the purpose of this course is quite simple...

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I wish to convey years of research, experience and personal use to you. This course is designed to empower, educate and promote the safe and effective integration of natural products and essential oils into your home and personal health regimen... Something we ALL SHOULD BE FULLY EMBRACING.

With this course you'll get:

  • Valuable protocols and the science behind the use of essential oils

  • 15+ and growing list of educational videos

  • Downloadable resources

  • Bonus Materials: presentations from around the globe

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