starting Aug 6th

Lose weight

     Reduce stress

         Increase metabolism

            Gain energy

              Sleep better

             Surge your life

Upgrade your lifestyle: In 30 days you will change habits by following meal and workout plans, using unique natural products

recommended by a Harvard


   THE 30 DAY

Weight loss and health gain were taken to the next level.

Dr. Dave spent over 2 years developing

the step-by-step plan that will change your life.

No magical pills or 24-hour transformations!
Enroll in this course now and get:
  • Meal plans
  • Scientific knowledge and tips
  • Workout plans
  • Multimedia content
  • Interactive live calls
  • eBooks

$89 ONLY

"The Surge Plan is a simple-to-follow program that truly works to change our body into a high performing machine.  Most people are looking for a magic pill... one simple pill a day to achieve perfect weight, mood and energy... But sorry, that is not real.     As a Doctor,  I  have

created a genuine system to tell the body exactly how to surge. You can have total confidence that this works, and if you follow it for 30 days...you will be amazed, and truly grateful."


If you've tried to lose weight in the past and failed.... If you've forced yourself to follow a disciplined eating lifestyle

only to see nothing change... If you wish you had "perfect genes" like the super fit girls you see doing crossfit...

               This is your opportunity to finally peel back the layers and reveal the beautiful YOU!

"To transform your body into a fat-burning machine, just follow the steps I've laid out for you. 
I promise this will be one of the easiest and most fun programs you've ever been through." Dr. Dave


Callie is known around her kids' friends as "Cool Callie". She graduated from BYU in business, and is a natural entrepreneur who loves life and challenges! Today, besides taking care of their 5 kids, she runs their business inspiring others to become as healthy and successful in life as they are!
She accepted the challenge and is now preparing for August 7th!
Dave loves having a good time! He believes that having a healthy body and mind means freedom to live and serve. At age 19, he went to Brazil for a 2 year volunteer service. He now travels the world teaching thousands how to be happier using doTERRA products and having a balanced life. 
He graduated from Harvard and MIT and spent over 2 years developing the Surge Plan.


        Great part of the secret of the 30 Day Challenge
        is the use doTERRA products.
       The meal plans make the most of these 
      natural products to bring the best and fasted
      results to your body, not only causing weight loss,
      but also more energy and better sleep.
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