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What makes this successful:

Simple - Support - Step by Step


eBooks included in this program

"To transform your body into a fat-burning machine, just follow the steps I've laid out for you. I promise this will be one of the easiest and most fun programs you've ever been through." Dr. Dave

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When you sign up, you will get:

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 Meal and workout plans:
What to do?

You will never be lost. Each day you will have all of the information you need to follow the plan. You will know in advance what foods you may need to buy.


You may adapt the plans according to your needs, (including vegan, vegetarian and restrictive diet plans) keeping it doable as your circumstances allow.

Videos: Why and How?

Each day you will have an exclusive video from Dr. Dave Steuer helping you understand the science behind the meal plans and motivating you to keep going.


Also, Callie will share with you her experience while doing the challenge: her struggles, victories and tips.

Workout videos will teach you step by step and help you surge at home, at work, or anywhere frankly.

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Support System:
You're not alone

Change requires support. Changing habits to become healthier may not be easy at times, but you will never be alone.

You will be part of a private Facebook group, in which people like you will share their successes, questions and struggles. Dr. Dave's team will always be available to help you.

Meal plan for Day 1:
Daily videos samples:
Q&A Live with Dr. Dave and Callie

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